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Union organizers like to use little things to boost morale and give a sense of belonging.

Union Free workers ought to have the same sort of thing available.

At the present time we have two bumper stickers available - "Proud To Be UNION FREE" and "America Works Best UNION FREE."  These are high quality, screened printed vinyl stickers.  The cost is $2.00 for one bumper sticker, $1.50 per sticker for 2-5 and $1.25 for 6 or more.

A limited supply of American Flag "America Works Best Union Free" t-shirts are available.  These are high quality, four-color screen printed shirts.  The shirts are $18 each.  Please inquire about the availability of your size before ordering.

We also have a variety of 1 1/2" UNION FREE buttons available for $1.00 for one, $.50 each for 2-10 and $.25 each for more than 10.

In addition, we have a new American Flag "America Works Best Union Free" sticker that is perfect for hardhats and tool boxes.  These are round, 2 1/4" vinyl stickers.  You can see one by clicking here. They are available for $1 each and we will make deals on quantity orders.

All of the above prices include shipping and handling.

As time goes on we will add to this collection.  Let us know what other kinds of Union Free America paraphernalia and goodies you'd like to see available in the store and we'll work on it.

If you are interested in any of these items, please send an e-mail and we will let you know how to arrange payment.

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