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Decertifying A Union

Sometimes a union gets in because of a problem and then years later when most of the people who wanted a union are long gone and nobody even remembers why they got a union in the first place the union has become the problem.

Other times a union wins an election and then makes demands the employer can't meet  because of all the outlandish promises it made to win votes. It just keeps negotiating but never gets a contract.

One way or the other, many employees are coming to realize that, if they ever want to make any progress, they have to get rid of the union.

If you have reached the point where you think that ousting a union is in your best interests, and that of your coworkers, you need to think about what they call decertification.

Almost every unionism law has a provision for what they call "decertifying" a union as a representative.  The rules can be different depending on whether you are on a private payroll or work for government so we have divided it up.

Decertifying a union in private employment.

Decertifying a union in government employment.


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